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Thursday, 25 April 2013

1849 Queen's Charter

1849 Queen's College Charter

Relating to alterations to professors terms and salaries

Have just completed the housing for this project for Catriona Mulcahy, ArchivIst UCC.
Comprising two collections of vellum Charters from University College, Cork ( previously Queens College ). The vellum had been folded and subject to handling and soiling over a long period.
The first set, ( 760mm x 1020mm ) comprised five vellum charters with an attached wax seal. These had been folded and stored over a long period in a small container. Relaxation and flattening between blotters and using a drum method over a period of two months returned the vellum to its original shape. Surface cleaning where possible enhanced the finish. The large wax seal is attached to the charters by a braided multi stranded cord in a complex knit designed to highlight any interference or tampering. This was left in situ and remains intact. The constant presence of the seal and the protection of it, complicated the conservation process.
Housed in a custom made unit, the vellum is held between four mylar strips on an acid free mount.
This is then housed in a folder made of 5mm acidfree elephant millboard bound in Morocco goatskin and archival Library buckram.
The wax seal is in a custom housing of fome-core board with Polyzote padding

The second collection is slightly larger in overall size, ( 815mm x 1010mm ) and comprises 10 vellum charters. These required longer relaxation and flattening as the vellum had set in its previously folded state.
A similar binding and housing was produced, with the same problems regarding protection of the wax seal.
Unit half opened
Fully opened displaying wax seal

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